The following Awards are presented by the Ohio Dam Safety Organization:

ODSO Best Maintained Dam Awards

ODSO annually presents the “Best Maintained Dam Award” to dams that have been judged to be the best cared for in Ohio. To qualify for this award the dam must be at least five years old and must be in compliance with all Ohio Department of Natural Resources dam safety regulations. Awards may be given in any of the following categories:

  • Conservancy District
  • Industrial
  • Local Public
  • Private
  • Property Owners Association
  • State

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ODSO Dam Safety Community Service Awards

ODSO has also established the “Dam Safety Community Service Award” to Recognize extra efforts that have been made in the interest of dam safety. These awards are not presented annually; they are only given by the ODSO Board regarding special actions (averting dam failure, drafting/sponsoring legislation, etc.) by the nominee(s). Awards may be given in either the Individual or Group categories.

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ODSO Past-Chairman / President Awards

ODSO annually presents the “Past-Chairman Award” to the outgoing Chairman at the end of their term.

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